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MAY 24

So I’ve been noticing that my back is feeling pretty weak lately (I have kyphosis and scoliosis) and my job isn’t helping (I’m a server). I did some cardio on Wednesday the 22nd but I was only on the treadmill for about 15 minutes as I was getting really out of breath. I think I need to focus more on strength exercises (specifically for my abdominal muscles) for now. So I’m going to do some tomorrow!

MAY 21

I can’t seem to motivate myself to do cardio, so I did some more strength training today! I’m trying to make my workouts easy to follow so here’s today’s:

-20 jumping jacks

-10 push-ups

-35 second plank

-20 inner thigh lifts

-15 sumo squats

-13 dumbbell squats

-75 jumping jacks

-14 sit-ups

-16 bodyweight squats

-15 flat straight leg raises

-10 dumbbell squats

-4 push-ups

-30 second side plank

-14 tricep dips

-50 jumping jacks

-30 dumbbell curls

-40 crunches

-20 standing dumbbell shoulder presses

-stretch 3 minutes

MAY 20

So today I did more strength training, I’ll copy and paste what I did!:

-3 sets of 11 dumbbell squats

-25x2 sets of dumbbell calf raises

-45 second plank

-25s side plank each side

-12 tricep dips

-12x2 sets sit-ups

-35x2 crunches

-90 jumping jacks x 2

-18 flat knee raises

-16 bodyweight squats

-10x2 sets push-ups

-14 flat straight leg raises

-stretch 5 minutes


I’ve been doing a lot more strength exercises than cardio lately. Not sure how that’s going to work but I enjoy doing strength training but can’t seem to motivate myself to run! Maybe on Sunday morning I will…

MAY 17

So I sort of gave up for a bit during finals and while I was at school, but over the past week or so I’ve been going on the treadmill and doing some strength training. I joined and it’s been a lot of help and is very encouraging!


So after my lecture today, I did a little workout I found on


So I officially started my fitness regime yesterday. I have kyphosis and scoliosis so I need to strengthen my core, among other things. It would also be nice if I could lose the Freshman 15 I’ve gained over the past seven months!
I’ll be posting my workouts and strength training each day as a little journal and to make sure I keep up with it!

Today at 11:00 AM, I did “Mad Abs March” that I got from Pinterest, modified into “Mad Abs MAPril” for both months since I just started last Friday. I also added a few cardio and arms/legs exercises that vary each day. So here’s today’s:

19s side plank (each side)

18 crunches

15 pushups

2m jumping jacks

20 bicep curls

15 tricep dips

15s Superman

10 leg raises